Volunteer at the UKTS



Why volunteer?

Volunteering can make a real difference to your life and the lives of those around you. There is a number of reasons why people decide to volunteer. For some, it provides an opportunity to develop and learn new skills. For others, it offers a chance to give something back to the community and make a difference. No matter the motivation, what brings them all together is that they find it brings forth challenges and rewards.

Volunteering with UKTS gives you the opportunity to:

        • Make a real impact and difference to someone’s life
        • Make meaningful new connections
        • Be inspired
        • Have fun
        • Work alongside a dedicated, passionate team
        • Support people and their families affected with thalassaemia
        • Give back to your community
        • Step out of your comfort zone
        • Learn new skills
        • Gain professional experience
        • Boost your CV and improve your employability


Why should I volunteer with the UKTS?

        1. We need you! Your unique strengths, talents and voice matters to us and the work we do. Let’s make a difference to lives of thousands of people in the UK and around the world!
        2. We do not discriminate! We welcome individuals from every walk of life.
        3. Wellbeing booster! Believe it or not, giving some of your time for a good cause does wonders for your physical and psychological wellbeing. It reduces stress levels and improves your mood whilst giving you a sense of purpose.
        4. Prepare to be inspired! Despite individuals living with thalassaemia and their families facing difficult daily challenges, for us their resilience and determination is unmatched. We are inspired on a daily basis by our members.
        5. You will be a part of a small team where you can gain valuable, first-hand experience working for a charity organisation.

What will my role entail?

 Your role will cover an array of office duties from:

        • Administration/ Reception duties
        • Event management and support
        • Help create social media and awareness campaigns
        • Fundraising activities
        • Developing resources for people living with thalassaemia (all ages) and parents/ carers/ loved ones
        • Using your unique skills and experiences to help us improve our services and expand our reach

What will the UKTS expect from me?

        • Come as scheduled and on time
        • Have passion, dedication and drive
        • Be reliable and responsible
        • Have patience and empathy
        • Be a team player
        • Carry out tasks efficiently and honestly
        • Ask for help when you need it
        • Keep internal information confidential
        • Be authentic
        • Comply with the policies and procedures of UKTS

I am interested, what are my next steps?

That is great news!!

If you would like to find out more or would like to apply for the role, please email to: office@ukts.org

We can’t wait to meet you!