Life-saving Research



Since its inception, UKTS has sponsored a multitude of research projects. In fact, the first pump used for subcutaneous desferal infusions was funded by parents of the group after remortgaging their homes in order to pay for the first prototype to be developed. This pump was then modelled to used worldwide and to treat other conditions.

Secondly, the first oral chelator, Deferiprone, was funded and supported directly by the UKTS to improve adherence to iron chelation therapy by offering a tablet iron chelator. Not only did this iron chelator help decrease cardiac iron loading, it also improved the life expectancy and quality of life.

We have also funded research into; the development into gene therapy- in-utero approach ; liver fibrosis; bone disease treatments; prognostic value of MRI imaging;  studies into psychosocial issues and impacts of transition from childhood to adulthood of adolescents with thalassaemia. However, there is still so much to be done!