Patients call on NHS to provide £1.5m gene therapy cure

PATIENTS with the rare genetic blood disease thalassaemia have urged NHS chiefs to provide them with a gene therapy drug that cures their condition – after American health watchdogs approved the £1.5 million-per- patient treatment last week.

Coronavirus Information- issued by UKTS on 10/06/2021

Covid-19 cases in the UK have been increasing and so to has hospital admissions. However, interestingly the majority of people being admitted have not received their vaccines. It is important to book it and have your vaccines ASAP! Vaccines save lives!

NHSBT Amber Alert Press Release 12/10/2022

We know how frightening the recent news from NHS Blood and Transplant regarding blood shortages will be for you and your family. However, we would like to reassure you that your regular blood transfusions will not be stopped in any way.