Members Stories

A series of experiences from those affected by thalassaemia.

Receiving a diagnosis of a rare condition is a major life changing event for families.
Roanna Maharaj
Meet Raj, Husband, father and housing officer living with an invisible condition/ thalassaemia major.
Raj Singh
My name is Tanya, I’m 48 years old. I have Thalassemia Major and I have had Diabetes since I was 13.
Tanja Yucel
Haifa, lives with the blood condition beta thalassaemia major and receives blood transfusions every three weeks.
Haifa Ungapen
Susie a 60 year old British born Cypriot living with thalassaemia major. Read my story.
Susie Michael

Sophia Michael, Daughter of a parent with Thalassaemia major.

Sophia Michael
I was diagnosed with beta thalassaemia major at a very early age of 3 month. Read my story
Aminah Sajid
I am 16 years old and have always lived in Islington, London which I love.

Soma Bilal Saber, 26 years old medical doctor with a blood disorder known as Beta Thalassaemia major.

Soma Bilal Saber
My Name is Nabeel Javed , I am 26 years old and from the West Midlands
Nabeel Javed
Mina, a 19 year old student living with beta thalassaemia intermedia
Mina's story

Our International Friends

Living with thalassaemia has affected my life in many ways. I was diagnosed with thalassaemia intermedia at the age of two.
Pranab Mishra - India