Prescription Charges Coalition

We are an active member of the Prescription Charges Coalition – a group of 51 organisations calling on the Government to scrap prescription charges for people with long-term conditions in England. You can find out more about the coalition on their website here

England is now the only part of the UK that charges for prescriptions, with charges having been abolished in Wales in 2007, Northern Ireland in 2010 and Scotland in 2011.

While certain medical conditions entitle people to a medical exemption certificate and therefore free prescriptions, only a handful of conditions qualify. Aside from the addition of cancer in 2009 the list of exempt conditions has not changed since 1968, despite the lack of any clear underlying rationale. As a result, most people with a long-term condition (asthma, cystic fibrosis etc) who are diagnosed at a young age can expect to pay for their prescription medications throughout their lives.

People with thalassaemia have to pay for their life-long prescriptions for iron chelation and other medications, despite it being lifesaving. We think that this is unfair!

If you live in England please write to your MP about this issue.  You can find your MP on the following website: Find your MP

Please email the office if you would like a template to help with this.  It is always better when writing to your MP to give personal rather than generic examples. 



Although Thalassaemia is not currently a recognised medical condition allowing free prescriptions if you are on a low income you may qualify for help.

Please see: Who can get free prescriptions


Please check to see if you have another condition that will entitle you to a free prescription.  For example, people with thalassaemia often have diabetes and hypothyroidism which are exempt. 

Please see: Who can get free prescriptions


The Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC), which covers all prescriptions for the period the certificate is valid, costs £29.65 for three months or £105.90 for 12 months. People using the scheme can save money if they need more than three prescriptions in three months or more than 12 in 12 months.

Please see: Save money with a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC)