How we can help

  • The charity provides a counselling support service for individuals and families affected by thalassaemia. We listen, guide and signpost to the appropriate avenues of support.
  • The charity produces a broad range of information for people living with thalassaemia and their families. These range from in-depth medical and support guides to short booklets, online resources via the website and educational DVDs. They cover all the issues that families face, for example, information for schools about how to support children with thalassaemia.
  • The charity produces a quarterly magazine with health and lifestyle advice for patients and healthcare professionals. An email edition is sent out to all of our members, university research teams and haematology departments within hospitals. (We also print a number of copies).  
  • The charity organises national events including patient and family education conferences, scientific meetings, training days, support groups and webinars that covers a myriad of topics relevant to clinical treatment and wellbeing in thalassaemia.
  • We present at training days and educational events aimed at the general public or  health care professionals with an interest in thalassaemia.