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Peer Review of thalassaemia and other haemoglobin services.


About the programme

This is the fourth national review of services for patients with Haemoglobin Disorders undertaken by QRS since 2010. The programme was overseen by the UKFHD Steering Group and facilitated by QRS. This programme piloted a new approach of using a risk profiling methodology to identify services who would be selected for a peer review visit.

What the review entails

A total of 65 services providing care for people with the haemoglobin disorders sickle cell and / or thalassaemia across the UK and Eire submitted a self-assessment against the Quality Standards for Health Services for People with Haemoglobin Disorders V4 (October 2018) and relevant evidence for 17 key standards in February 2019.

Each submission was reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel from the UKFHD Steering Group and a decision made to review based on the level of compliance achieved for each service. All services who met < than 50% of the key standards were selected for a review visit. A percentage of services who met 50% – 75% and greater that 75% of the key standards were also selected for a review.