Clinical and Scientific Advisors

Field Person Person
Blood Transfusion Dr Derek Norfolk
Cardiology Dr Malcolm Walker, UCLH
Chelation therapy Dr Anne Yardumian, North Middlesex Hospital
Diabetes Dr Maria Barnard, Whittington Hospital
Endocrinology/fertility Dr Nicos Skordis, Makarios Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus Mr Gidon Lieberman, Whittington Health
Epidemiology/survival & prognosis Prof Bernadette Modell, CHIME (Retd)
Ethics of genetics and chronic Conditions Prof Jenny Hewison, University of Leeds
Gene Therapy Dr Michael Antoniou, King’s College London
Geriatric Medicine
Immunology Dr Serena Kiani, Royal London
Liver disease Prof Geoffrey Dusheiko, Royal Free Hospital
Molecular genetics/prevention Dr Mary Petrou, UCLH
Nursing Prof Elizabeth Anionwu, Thames Valley University (Retd) Emma Prescott, Whittington Hospital
Osteoporosis and bone related issues Dr Julian Waung
Overall management/developments In treatment Dr Paul Telfer, Royal London Hospital
Pain Management
Pathophysiology Dr Farrukh Shah, Whittington Hospital
Psychosocial/health & social care Prof Karl Atkin, University of York
Public health/economics of health Management Prof Nancy Devlin, City University London
Screening and Prevention Dr Allison Streetly, King’s College London
Stem cell transplantation Dr Josu de la Fuente, St Mary’s Hospital/Imperial College London
Survival and Prognosis
Thalassaemia intermedia Prof John Porter, UCLH