Anand Ghattaura



Anand has lived with thalassaemia major for the past 30+ years. Though it has been a challenge at times, it has spurred him to succeed in life, particularly through school, university and now in a professional career. Anand has had the experience of being treated at a regional hospital with limited expertise in thalassaemia. He has been fortunate to have a great support network around him in life, and this has encouraged Anand to help others with thalassaemia and to make a difference in the community. As a life member of UKTS, Anand has seen the great work the society has done. Career wise, Anand works in the City of London in brand, marketing and communications (BMC) for one of the Big-4 accountancy firms. In the past, Anand has worked for a number of global accountancy and law firms in BMC. He has also been an active member of the Sikh community in Berkshire.