London Marathon

The London Marathon was launched in 1981 and this year celebrates its 40th birthday and its 10th year of sponsorship; more than £890m has been raised for charity since the first event!

We still have 3 places left so join us and run for a great cause. Contact the office on 020 8882 0011

Help the UKTS by sponsoring the runners

Julien Mourrut & Ward Stepman

Ward and myself will run next year the London Marathon for a charity. The purpose is to collect funds for research with the ultimate objective to find a therapy to cure the Thallassaemia disease.
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Sabah Bandoui

UKTS is a fantastic charity run by patients and family of patients. It is involved in helping those with this genetic blood disorder as well as their families, in helping improve their quality of lives and well as aiding much needed research in this disorder.
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