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The UKTS is a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition, an alliance of charities campaigning to abolish prescription charges for all people living with long term medical conditions. Read our letter to the Department of Health and Social Care.

Everyday across England, people with long-term conditions are faced with the difficult choice between buying food, turning on their heating or paying for their medication.

We’re calling on the government to make prescription charges free for everyone with long-term conditions.

A big price to pay

Prescriptions are currently charged at £9.15 per item. For people that require several medications a month the cost is an enormous burden to bear. A third of people told us that they have not collected a prescription due to the cost. This can result in avoidable GP and hospital visits and more importantly it can have a severe impact on their health.

Out of date and unfair

The list of conditions that do not pay for prescriptions will be 50 years old in June, and remains largely unchanged in England. We don’t believe that anyone with a long-term condition should have to pay for life-saving medication.

NHS prescription charges from 1 April 2020

Letter to the Department of Health and Social Care

Visit the Prescription charges coalition

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