Roanna Maharaj

Assistant secretary


Roanna is the holder of Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees  (with distinction) in Psychology. She was one of the youngest patients to take on her PhD and doctorate research, being obtained by her sheer hard work and well deserved scholarships. Having been forced to take a break due to medical issues outside her control, she has been volunteering for the society on a full time basis, over the past two years. Roanna has been representing the charity at all the major events over the last two years, responsible for most of our medical and scientific submissions done during that period. She has also been our spokesperson for most of the meetings, screening,  peer reviews, infected blood enquiry, NICE, to name a few.

Roanna is also been mainly responsible for success enjoyed with our media, social media and online campaigns  creating and forging new links with stakeholders like NHS Blood and Transplant Unit etc.