Sabah Bandoui

UKTS is a fantastic charity run by patients and family of patients. It is involved in helping those with this genetic blood disorder as well as their families, in helping improve their quality of lives and well as aiding much needed research in this disorder.

My Story

Being a thalassemia carrier and having a dear brother who is a thalassemia patient, I know well the challenges involved with this disorder. I will train as hard as I can and hope to finish the marathon at a reasonable time, being driven with the hope to raise as much as I can for this wonderful charity.

Patients of thalassemia are not able to produce healthy functional red blood cells, leading to a number of interventions needed to survive. Patients are infused with donated blood, daily injections to eliminate waste from the body as well as numerous medications and checks on the body to monitor potential damage to other vital organs in the body. Each patients case is different and the degree in which it affects their daily life may vary.

Please donate as much as you can and help UKTS continue in their efforts to help patients with Thalassemia.

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