A selection of educational videos for parents, patients and health care professionals. All the interviews in the film are unscripted and are available free of charge from the UKTS.

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UKTS Making a Difference

UKTS Making a Difference videoThis film is a brief introduction to the UK Thalassaemia Society. It gives a very brief outline of the condition the Society supports, the treatment and complications. It explains what the charity does and why its work is so important. Viewers will learn about some of the Society's past successes and why the UKTS needs to continue and develop its work in the communities affected by thalassaemia.

UKTS Thalassaemia - your life, your choice, your test.

Thalassaemia, your lifeA short film to increase awareness of thalassaemia and the importance of pre-natal screening in the community at large. The film shows interviews with thalassaemics of varying ages and backgrounds. The film will explain what is thalassaemia and how it's inherited and will explain the difference between healthy carriers of thalassaemia and those who have the condition.

The UKTS wishes to thank the NHS Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Screening Programme for their contribution to the making of this film.

Thalassaemia, your life in urdu

Now available in Urdu

UKTS My Thal

UKTS My Thal videoThe purpose of this film is to inspire and empower those living with thalassaemia major. It aims to lead them to an understanding that, although they have a long term medical condition, it is treatable and manageable. Through real people telling their own stories the film demonstrates the fact that people can be successful in their academic, social, family and even sporting lives.

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Personal Stories - About sickle and thal

People's experiences of sickle cell disease and thalassaemia disorders can be completely different. Click on the link to see a number of real life stories from carriers, patients and carers who give their account of what sickle cell or thalassaemia means to them. See their stories here.