The UKTS was started in the 1970s by parents who did not dare to hope that their children would ever grow to become adults, study, have careers or get married and have children of their own. Thanks to the pioneering work of Prof Bernadette Modell and then Dr Beatrix Wonke however, treatment gradually improved until all these things became not impossible dreams but reality. 

At our 3rd generation event we had the original parents, their thalassaemic children now grown up and the grandchildren they never thought they would see. The party would not have been complete without Prof Modell and Dr Wonke of course; and also present was Sister Helen Onufrak who nursed many of the thalassaemia patients from childhood to adulthood. Dr Anne Yardumian, Dr Paul Telfer and Sister Emma Prescott represented the modern generation of thalassaemia treatment.  

We had a wonderful afternoon of reunions, some moving and inspiring words, a few tears and lots of hugs and smiles! Thank you to everybody who attended and helped to make the event a success.


Our grateful thanks to ApoPharma for sponsoring this event.