It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, but not too warm for a brisk walk or leisure run in the park either.
We arrived at Alexandra Palace in North London and started setting up at the same time as the stalls began at the weekly farmers market. We had balloons, cupcakes, brownies, Greek savoury snacks, soft drinks, and more balloons. It felt quite festive, all we needed was a band and some choir to add to the celebrative mood. We would like to thank Nishel from D’lishy for donating the beautifully done cupcakes and brownies which helped to raise more money on the day.
Participants started arriving from 10am onwards. All who registered ahead were given a commemorative tee shirt each. There were a few who arrived to register on the spot, we had to explain to them that there may not be tee-shirts for them. Nevertheless, it was very encouraging to see new faces who have not heard of Thalassaemia before now. There were a total of 105 runners/walkers this year.
This time we had the route properly measured and marked out by Tony, who kindly volunteered to do this again this year.
We travelled further across the grounds but stayed at the base of the hilly Alexandra Palace, so it was not strenuous compared to last year. The old walked with the young, the fast running by, being cheered on by the walkers, there were even a couple of dogs walking beside their proud owners.
We had 5 runners who completed the 10 kilometers in less than 1 hour. Amongst them 2 Enfield Grammar Year 13 boys who will also be skydiving on 10 July 2013 to help raise more money for Thalassaemia. I have to give special mention here that these Enfield boys and girls are very generous as this walk was right before their GCE A levels exams.
Everyone who completed the circuit received a medal each, and many have pledged returning next year.

Save The Date 4th May 2014 (Sunday) @ Alexandra Palace.