Thalassaemia is a complex condition that requires constant monitoring and adjustment of treatment to avoid potential complications. Thalassaemia patients really need access to a multi-disciplinary team with some of the following specialities.

  • Endocrine
  • Fertility
  • Psychologist or Counsellor
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cardic
  • Liver

Thalassaemia is no longer a childhood disease, in fact with our current level of knowledge, of treatment, of support and care there is no reason for a thalassaemic not to reach their full potential. 

Thalassaemics can lead a normal life, can marry, can have children and can enjoy having grey hairs and wrinkles and "But I've got thal" should no longer be used as an excuse.

In fact we have now come to a point were the only limits are the ones that thalassaemics place on ourselves. Remember that the thalassaemic child of today will be the; engineer, criminal, lawyer, judge or the doctor of tomorrow. Exactaly the same as everybody else

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